Holidays And Breaks In France And Paris

More and more families are turning to caravanning as a holiday option as a result of the financial stress brought about by the economic crisis. Caravanning in France has become a growing trend that is proving to be extremely popular amongst the Brits.

By choosing a caravanning holiday you can literally cut down on the overall costs of the holiday whether you have your own caravan in tow and drive across or fly out to France and rent out a caravan on arrival.

There are over 12,000 campsites scattered across France with the majority offering some form of onsite facilities.

Before taking the plunge it is always a good idea to ask yourself what type of facilities you require i.e. entertainment for the kids such as a swimming pool or play area, sporting activities, restaurants and even access to a beach.

How you choose to plan your holiday is entirely a personal choice. You can either drive across to France in your own car and plan out several stop off points along the way or have your trip arranged for you and rent a caravan already onsite.


Either way, you still have to be well prepared and a caravanning holiday in some respects can be similar to that of camping. If you are going it alone and bringing your own equipment you must make sure you have all the necessary utensils that will function in France such as electric appliances.

If you intend to rent you must check that they basic essentials are included. If you are travelling with a small child check beforehand that the caravan park you have chosen is adapted for children and that you can hire a cot or car seat if necessary.

Paris is said to be the romantic capital of the world and is up there as one of the most beautiful. Rich in architecture Paris boasts some of the most amazing monuments in the world.

Renowned for its style and elegance Paris never disappoints and these days you can travel there at a reasonably cheap price.

Flying to Paris from the UK takes approximately 50 minutes and there are daily flights from all major UK airports to both Charles de Gaulle and Orly. In addition to flying you can take the Eurostar which is proving to be a popular form of travelling into the heart of France.

The journey from London takes just 2 hours 15 minutes and takes you direct into Gare du Nord, the major train station in the centre of Paris.

Upon arrival you can continue to your hotel by either metro or taxi or if you’re in the mood to shop, make your way to the Champs Elysees.

Attractions are one thing you will not be short of as there are so many museums, art galleries, parks, theatres and shops to indulge in. Restaurants, bistros and bars are also in abundance and you can sit back and relax from a terrace along the river Seine and watch the world go by in true Parisian style.

Accommodation is of a high standard and you will find that even hotels rated with just 2 stars offer far better quality than the average 2 star elsewhere.

Although Paris is considered to be expensive you can pick up some fantastic deals online. Return flights can cost as little at £50 and throughout the year there are great offers over Christmas and Valentines that are well worth looking out for.